PointWatch Offers an Innovative Remote Monitoring and Control System Designed to Save Users Money

PointWatch System’s remote monitoring and control framework provides real time, customizable, monitoring and control of remotely located systems. This includes the ability to process data instantaneously from analog or digital sensors connected to pumps, blowers, process control, liquid tanks, and mobile equipment among others. Data sensed is often liquid levels, current, voltage, pH, temperatures, GPS location and more. The PointWatch remote monitoring and control framework has application across the industrial, municipal, residential marketplace.

Our system was developed by a team of septic and security experts, working together to bring you a best-in-class solution. Our Story

How it works

How It Works
We take septic monitoring a step further by combining state-of-the-art sensor equipment with call center support. Learn More

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Peace of Mind
Homeowners can leave the worrying to us, reassured that their septic systems are safe, secure and functioning properly. Our Work