About Us

Tom Samburg often noticed a large volume of septic trucks making runs up and down Route 7 in northern Virginia. This aroused a passing interest in what was obviously a busy industry. But when a friend had a septic tank collapse, Tom was surprised to see that the friend was willing to put on a HAZMAT suit to clean the tank and turn off his septic pump. Why was he willing to go to such lengths? Because a leach field replacement can run a homeowner upwards of $25,000.

Having long explored business ideas with his father, Tom saw an opportunity. Gene Samburg was the founder of Kastle Systems, a security company based on monitored access control. The thought was to bring this same type of service to the septic industry. To get started, Tom and Gene researched innovative septic and waste water experts who helped advise on the development of the new system. Septic experts talking to security experts… PointWatch Systems was born.

Tom Samburg
Tom has worked 20+ years in the computer industry. Over that time, his duties have included design, development, engineering and administration. He started his career as a web developer for the White House (whitehouse.gov). Full bio >>

Gene Samburg
Gene founded Kastle Systems, a security systems service company, in 1972, and grew it into a business with revenues in excess of $50 Million. He has been profiled in dozens of nationally recognized newspapers and magazines, and spends much of his time vetting new entrepreneurial ideas. Full bio >>

Eric Larson
Vice President
Marketing, Sales and Business Development
Eric brought his passion for clean water and saving natural resources to the onsite industry in 1995.  He started companies that specialize in providing high quality field service and technologies to protect the environment while minimizing system size and maximizing treatment capacity. Full bio >>