ATU Manufacturers

Benefits to ATU Manufacturers

PointWatch’s Monitoring Service, including real time and historical data/trends, lets ATU Manufacturers customize alarm options and service notifications. As a result, this allows:

  • Utilization of a broad spectrum of sensors.
  • Efficient response to user’s permit requirements through real time performance data collection.
  • Your customers to maximize scheduling efficiency as a result of proactive response to alarms.
  • Avoiding emergency pump/aerator failure by monitoring load amperage.
  • Identifying high flows by monitoring and alarming pump run times.
  • Offering multiple choice for alarm/alert communication including text, email, phone call or a combination thereof.
  • ATU Manufacturer to focus on your core business by outsourcing development and implementation of remote monitoring.
  • Increasing your revenue by name-branding and selling the monitoring service as your own.