Project Examples

Minnesota Cabin Retrofit

This cabin was lightly used for several years.  When water use increased with more frequent cabin use sewage suddenly surfaced in the yard.  Luckily the tank is low enough that sewage surfaced outside rather than backing into the cabin!  The backup was caused because the Distribution Box had become clogged by roots.

The tank was pumped out, the D-Box dug open and cleaned, and sensors installed in the D-Box and tank.  In addition to monitoring liquid levels these sensors track temperature.  No more potential surprise of a frozen system!

Intermittent use of septic systems in cold climates is a prime contributor to freezing.  Now that PointWatch is installed the owners can remotely verify proper system operation and confirm they will be able to use water when they arrive.

Ohio Retrofit
PointWatch Systems installed a gravity-fed system in this Ohio retrofit. Scope included one tank, two leach fields and a distribution box.