The PointWatch Lift Station Monitoring Service

Provides real-time and historical data/trends and lets Municipal Owners and Operators set precise alarm notification levels.


  • Maximum response time to an alarm, thereby reducing the number of trips/visits to a site by monitoring liquid levels to the inch.
  • Pump replacement before failure, thus avoiding emergencies by monitoring pump amperage.
  • Immediate response to non-normal pump activity by monitoring pump event count.
  • Identification of high Inflow and Infiltration by monitoring individual event run time.
  • Prediction of pump repairs by monitoring total pump run time.
  • Correction of improper pump or control operation by monitoring pump alternating.
  • Efficient filing of DMRs and Operating Permits and simplifying data collection by monitoring pump out volume.
  • Multiple choice for alarm/alert communication methods by choosing text, email, phone call or a combination for alert notifications.
  • Projection of future needs for facility repairs and updates by comparing past and current loading.