What are our clients saying?

We take pride in our customer service, keeping our communication lines open and reassuring you that your system is in good hands. Here are some examples of client experiences with PointWatch.

“The main benefit for us is that we see pump problems when they are building up and perform service before they trip out.”

– MN City Operator (Saves us $2500 – $5000 per year on one lift station.)

“I know that in the 18 months we have had PointWatch it has already saved us more than $4800 per year.”

– Ohio Operator (Saves us more than $4800 per year.)

“Because of PointWatch we are able to call off the pumper during weeks of light use.”

– WI Construction Manager (Long-term restroom trailer deployment at a construction site. Saved us approximately $14,400 per year.)

“One of the greatest things about your company is the service, especially your willingness to listen and adapt. We were having a pump cavitation problem and did not know at the time that it was caused by low amperage. You created a rule and graph that isolated the issue that saved:

● $500 – $600 in extra service calls

● $2000 in diagnostic time

● $10,000 by avoiding a burned-up pump”

– DE Operator (On this one problem alone PointWatch saved us $12,500)

“PointWatch eliminates an average of 1 trip per month at $300 – $400 per trip.”

– MD Operator (Saves us $3600 – $4800 per year.)

“We saved $1800 per month on our service contract with PointWatch remote readings.”

– DE Contract Operator (Saves us $21,600 per year.)

“We save $300 – $400 every time we have all the necessary parts on a site visit.”

– NJ Utility Employee (Saves us thousands of dollars every year.)

“One of our cities saved over $100,000 the first year they used PointWatch on lift stations.”

– DE Contract Operator (Saved us over $100,000)

“Data from PointWatch allowed us to show a commercial septic owner that their new system was being severely overloaded. It also allowed that owner to determine which activities at the facility generated the largest flow. We can now sit down and design a solution based on data.”

– MN Septic Co. (Saves thousands of dollars per year in pumping expense.)