What We Do

PointWatch Systems rethinks the septic alarm line. How do you ensure you are covered when your septic system is in trouble? Some alarms aren’t seen or heard. Some alarms just text you that there is a problem.

Diverter Box

PointWatch offers more sensors and more coordination. We install strategically-placed sensors throughout every component of your septic system, including field sensors, leach fields, inspection pipes, pumps and pump control. They are all tied to a central gateway, which communicates over the Internet (you have the option for cell or home network) to our cloud servers where we store the data. The account can be monitored by the homeowner and/or service and alarms providers.

PointWatch monitors the status of each sensor, ensuring it is online and monitoring low and high alarms. These alarms are pre-determined thresholds that we configure. We also offer the ability to remotely turn pumps on and off. Once in system, there is user access. We will have a call center that monitors alerts and will coordinate service provider visits.

PointWatch designs our own electrical boards and writes our own software.